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TV Shows

    The Luna-The Luna only comes when the blue moon appears.The Luna is said to be "the most fearsome creature to ever walk,crawl,or slither on the face of the planet."The Luna has huge blue eyes in the back of its head that can see into a person's soul.It has huge,webbed toes that can squash sixteen people in one step.Whenever it talks the tongues of the people it eaten fly out of its mouth.It can change into any shape.The one thing that it loved the most in the world was a ruby.On a blue moon the ruby was gone and The Luna destroyed towns and villages searching for the ruby.Ever since it comes on every blue moon to search for the ruby.(Sorry no picture.)

Monsters of Lakewood-Monsters is all over Lakewood and The Troop stops them from causing too much trouble.Gus becomes friends with one of the monsters and he wants to get rid of The Troop.In the second episode he appeared in,he brought monsters back from their place and tried to destroy The Troop with them.In the third episode,he controlled the monsters and got The Troop to shut down.Click here to know about most of the monsters at Lakewood: 

    Nurse Gun-Some students from Middlington Middle School came to help out with cookies and juice for a blood drive.It wasn't really a blood drive.Nurse Gun is really a vampire and takes the donors' blood.Budge,a boy from the school,saw a lot of scary movies and the place reminded him of it.Nurse Gun was about to suck the students' blood but they all escaped.She was hungry so she ate the guy who was helping her.(Sorry no picture.)

Phantom of Retroland-In July 97,three kids was heading home at midnight and wanted to take a shortcut through the theme park.They jumped the fence and they didn't believe in the phantom.None of them were seen again.The phantom walks around the part at midnight looking for people to eat.He wears a long black cape and a salami for a right leg.A boy named Jimmy Neutron didn't believe in it.Jimmy and his friends,Carl and Sheen,went to the park at night to prove that the phantom doesn't exist.Nick,the boy who told the phantom story to the class,dressed up like the phantom to make them believe that the phantom really exists.After they found out it wasn't really the phantom,Cindy and Libby,two girls from school,was also dressed like the phantom.They also found out that they wasn't the phantom either.Jimmy's parents found out that he snuck out and they dressed up like the phantom too.Their custom was very realistic that they thought that it was really the phantom and ran out the park.Jimmy's parents saw the real phantom and they ran out of there too.They were probably the only ones who went to the park at midnight and made it out of there alive.

Twonkies/Stompers/Gromps/Bosses-Jimmy Neutron discovers a creature on the comet Twonkus-3. A Twonkie got on his rocket and Jimmy didn't know it.Carl sees the Twonkie and brings it to school for show-and-tell.The Twonkie had babies and everyone,except Jimmy,kept one for a pet.When they sung or played music while they were around their new pet,the Twonkie transforms into a Stomper.Stompers are mean,bigger,and hurts people.If they hear music again they change into Gromps.Gromps are bigger,and they hurl orbs of destruction at anyone they don't like.If they hear music again they turn into bosses.Bosses are huge,has special powers,and they are the hardest to get rid of.Twonkies have evolved into different and more dangerous sub-species called Elemental Twonkies.They can be identified by their color and the type of sound which attracts them.Lightning Twonkies are dark blue and are attracted to voices.Ice Twonkies are turquoise and are attracted to water sounds.Dark Matter Twonkies are purple and are attracted to man-made noises.This episode rarely comes on the TV.It is most famous for the game based on the TV show.Twonkies appears in the background of some other episodes.

Irene-Irene is a ghost in the Tipton Hotel,in suite 613.Irene was rich.In 1942,Irene and her husband came to the hotel on their honey-moon night.Her husband went to the war.She waited three years but he never came back.He meet another girl and opened up a pizza parlor.Irene was very angry and throw her brush at a mirror in her suite.The mirror broke and a piece of the glass cut her neck.About all the main characters has seen doors opening and closing in that room.Mr.Moseby,the hotel manager,said that when he just started working at the hotel as a bell-hop he went into the room.He smelled pizza followed by Irene saying "I hate pizza.It reminds me of my unfaithful husband."Then a brush flew across the room and hit the mirror.When he was running to the door to get out of there,she closed the door and he ran into it.Maddie,London,Zack,and Cody decided to spend the night at the suite.Arwin came in the suite with one of his inventions that detects any scary activity.When his invention leads him to Irene's picture,her image in the picture moved.Arwin got soo scared and ran out of there.Estabon knows how to contact the spirit world and gathers everyone that is in the room around the table.When Estabon was about to light the candle,the candle lithe itself.Maddie didn't believe in ghost and wasn't scared,until the ghost moved her chair.The ghost possessed Estabon and the table lifted off the ground.Irene hated the word pizza,so Maddie said it and the ghost moved Maddie with her chair in the darkness.Cody accidentally said "hate pizza" and the ghost lifted his blanket and moved it into the darkness.Cody ran after his blanket.London wanted her thousand dollars back that the ghost took and the ghost moved her into the darkness.Irene told Zack that Estabon is gone now and Estabond disappeared.Zack ran for the door but the handle broke.The picture moved and Irene said "they are coming to get you."The closet opened up and you can tell that it was a fake skeleton but Zack was too scared to figure that out.When Zack ran out of the room a fake spider came at him and he ran back in.Maddie,London,Estabond,and Cody were dressed in sheets and circled Zack.They took the sheets off and told Zack that it was all a prank.When Cody forgot his blanket and brought Zack with him to look for it,the real ghost gave him his blanket and walked through the wall.

 Ghouls from My Babysitter's a Vampire- This TV Show has alot of ghouls including Zombies,Demons,Werewolves,and Vampires.Jesse is the most well known vampire in the series.In the original settlement of the town, there was a priest named Reverend Horace Black (a.k.a Jesse) that led an evil vampire cult. The townspeople burned the members of the cult.Alot of years later,Jesse planed to use a box,called Cubile Animus or "Nest of Souls, on a lunar eclipse to trap the souls of teens going to see a movie premiere to resurrect the souls of his ancient cult.He bit his girlfriend,Sarah.Sarah became a fledgling which is a vampire who has not drunk human blood and is no longer Jesse's girlfriend.Sarah meets Ethan and Benny.When Ethan and Benny finds out that their friend, Rory, went to a party full of vampires.Sarah,Ethan,and Benny went to the party to save Rory and Sarah's friend, Erica.Erica is bitten by Gord,Jesse's right-hand vampire and Rory was bitten by Erica.Ethan,Benny,and Sarah escapes.Soon they found out Jesse's plan.When they were about to go to the movie Benny's grandmother, explains that she is an Earth Priestess, gives them enchanted daggers and a spellbook to defeat the vampires. She also explains that Ethan is a Seer, someone who sees visions through touch. She also explains that Benny is a spellmaster.
The vampires begin to steal the souls of all the people at the theater.Sarah,Benny,and Ethan killed most of the vampires.Ethan had a vision of the tree in his backyard.When he went to the tree, he saw Jesse.Ethan managed to take the box away from him and released the souls that was captured at the theater and Jesse was destroyed.When Ethan and Benny dug up the box to capture a demon that possessed Sarah,Jesse was free.Jesse propose to Sarah and wanted her to become a full vampire.When Sarah met him outside of the school dance,Ethan and Benny showed up and fraught Jesse and his two vampires that he brought with him.They killed the other two vampire,but not Jesse.Jesse bit Ethan.When Jesse left, Sarah saved Ethan by sucking the venom out.Sarah became a full vampire.

Ghost Adventures- The Ghost Adventures Crew are paranormal investigators.They research the history and interview the people that has experienced paranormal activity there.They soon get locked in the house from dusk til dawn,which they call the lockdown.They don't always come out unscathed.

  Lenore- Lenore is dead gothic girl. She was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poems. Lenore died of pneumonia, but came back to life. "Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl" was a comic before it became a show. This show is full of black comedy and usually has dark twists to "innocent" themes. Lenore lives in a mansion in Nevermore. She is known to cause death to people and her pets. Sometimes she kills by accident, but other times she does it for revenge. Mr. Gosh is in love with her, but she hates him. She killed him alot of times, but he still comes back and he still loves her. In the show Lenore dies at the end, but in the comics she gets better.

  Ragamuffin- Ragamuffin was a vampire, until he ate a witch's sister. The witch put a curse on him and turned him into a doll. Lenore found him, not knowing that he wasn't just a doll. When Lenore accidentally cut herself and her blood got on him, he was able to talk and move. He wanted to break the curse completely, so he tried to suck Lenore's blood. There is something wrong with her blood and he didn't turn into his old vampire self. He is friends with Lenore and lives with her. He also once said that he was "one of the most savaged killers this world has ever known." 

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