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I will be posting new monsters so there is more coming.If you have any question just ask.

Werewolf-they are ordinary people during the day.A full moon triggers them to transform into a werewolf.It devours cattle,kidnaps children,attacks travelers,and destroys what it cannot eat.The only clue to tell if he/she is a werewolf is repeated nightmares of pursuing humans through the woods at night.Anyone can be a werewolf by rubbing his/her body with a magic potion, drinking water from a footprint of a werewolf,sleeping under a full moon on a Friday night,having two werewolf parents or being bitten by one.The only way to kill a werewolf is by a silver bullet.You can't kill it with religious things like vampires. Werewolfs have very keen eyes.They can hear the faintest sounds in the distance.It's fangs kills prey and shreds meat off from bones very easily.Some believed that children born on December 24 will become werewolves.In Argentina the belief that a seventh son would become a werewolf. Many people abandoned or killed their seventh sons.To stop it a law was passed in 1920 which was that the president of Argentina is the official godfather of every seventh son born in the country.The state awards them scholarships,and they receive gold medals at their baptisms.Werewolves live worldwide.

The Creature from the black lagoon-Scientists visiting South America discover the skeletal hand that is half man and half fish.Wanting to find the rest of the fossilized skeleton they embark on an expedition to the Black Lagoon,a remote place which no one has returned.The creature is more than 15 million years old.He can walk upright on land but he spends most of the time in the water.His webbed hands are strong enough to strangle a man.A women that was part of the scientific expedition goes swimming in the lake and didn't know that he is following her.He gets tangled in underwater ropes from a boat while the women swims away.The single claw he leaves in the net lets scientists know how close they got to him.Another time a member of the crew wounds him with a spear gun.The creature gets revenge by killing on of the scientists.When they did capture him he escapes from the tank that they put him in.He hated being held captive that he attacks his guard and would have killed him if it wasn't for the women.The women strikes the
creature with a lantern driving him away.The creature kidnaps the women bringing her to his hidden cavern and the crew rescues her.He uses his gills to extract oxygen from the water.He weighs almost 300 pounds. He doesn't see good in bright daylight.He is able to breathe surface air for a short time before going back to the water.He lives in the Amazon.
    Imhotep-Imhotep is a priest in ancient Egypt.As punishment for trying to bring his dead princess back to life,he is wrapped in bandages and buried alive.All scared symbols and hieroglyphics are removed from his tomb so he can't make the journey to the afterlife.A curse promising insanity and death to anyone who disturbs him is carved in the tomb.More than 3,000 years later an expedition from the British Museum discovers the mummy's tomb.The Scroll of Thoth contains a spell that can revive the dead was found in the tomb.When it is read outloud he comes back to life grabs the scroll and disappears.He disguess himself as a
 mondern-day egypatian and goes to the archeologists with the location of his princess tomb.Her tomb has alot of unbelievable riches that are in the Cairo Museum.He planed to bring her to life using the scroll but a security guard from the museum stopped him.The words he had read awaken strange feelings in a local women named Helen.The mummy pursue Helen to believe that she was the reincarnation of his lost love.Imhotep wanted to use the Scroll to transform Helen into his dead princess.Because of the corpose's eyes and tongue are removed the mummy takes eyes and tongues from a living victim.Imhotep stiff walks like the undead.Once he was freed from the eternal prison of the grave he possesses supernatural strength.His eyes can turn anyone into his slave.(Sorry no picture)
Bride of Frankenstein-Frankenstein the monster wants the scientist to create a female friend for him.Frankenstein's monster kidnaps his fiancee, Elizabeth and hides her in a cave.The monster told Frankenstein that Elizabeth will be safely brought back once he creates his woman. He used corpse which stolen from a graveyard of a 19 year old girl.Frankenstein told his assistant to get a heart from a person in at the hospital but instead he murders a peasant girl and takes her heart.The female monster is brought to life during a electrical storm.The female monster rejects Frankenstein's monster.The Bride of Frankenstein is the shortest living monster.The female monster is meant to be a mate for the male monster but doesn't live long enough to be his bride.The electricity brings her to life causes that her hair to stand on end and streaks it white.Since she has recently been brought to life her unnatural movements are twitchy and jerking.She has dull black eyes that dart back and forth in a nervous birdlike manner.The long tunic is part death shroud and part wedding gown.Bandages cover her arms.She lives in Geneva,Switzerland.

The Blob-A meteorite lands and the blob comes out of a crack in the meteorite.This alien blob is an indestructible, ravenous, blood-colored mass that engulfs and dissolves its prey.It grows larger with each victim it eats.It flows around obstacles and can squeeze under doors,ooze through vents,and seep through small cracks.The blob rampage through a movie theater and chasing the audience into the street.The blob eats them all.A policeman shoots down electric power lines that fell on the blob but it cannot stop him.The blob has a from of red jelly.He lived in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.
Nosferatu-Orlok is a Nosferatu who emerges only at night of course.He his fangs into the necks of his prey and sucks blood until he is full.Unlike a vampire his victims die of plague.His victims doesn't come back to life as a blood-sucker.He has the power to command any door to unlock.Orlok sails to Germany.When the ship arrives the crew is missing but the dead captain remains with Orlok's bite mark on his neck.Orlock can cast shadows and his image can be seen in mirrors.He walks with a slow, stiff gait from sleeping in a coffin for so long.His eyes has a hypnotic power over humans and rats.He
 lived in Transylvania and visited Germany.

Jason-Jason Voorhees is an unstoppable killer.When he is dead he was brought back to life by an underwater electrical cable.Jason drowns one summer while swimming in Camp Crystal Lake.Jason's mother upset murdered the counselors and campers.Jason kills more than 100 people over the course of 10 days.Jason's mother is beheaded by one of the campers she is attempting to kill.The deaf of his mother awakens in Jason a
thirst for revenge, and he grows up alone in the woods without a family.His mask hides his deformed face.Sometimes he wears a bag over his head.He has superhuman strength and the power to heal himself from any injury.

Zombies-A zombie is an undead corpse that feeds on living humans flesh.When a zombie bites someone it passes on an infection in the form of a virus.It travels through the person's bloodstream infecting the brain and all bodily functions stop.The person's brain is still alive but inactive.Symptoms from a zombie bite include bruising of the bitten area,fever,slowed heart rate, and numbness.By the next day the victim comes back as a zombie.The zombie can live for several years before it rots completely away.The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain.Blunt objects, axes, guns, harpoons,crossbows, and chainsaws have all proven to be effective weapons for destroying the zombie's brain.Protective gear like armor or a mesh shark suit should be worn when approaching a zombie, to guard against its bite.
Zombies can't be burned to death.A burning zombie produces an incredible stink.Zombies usually gather in cities.Zombies don't go in unban areas.A zombie can smell human prey up to a mile away.They can't talk they only can moan.Having its limbs cut off doesn't bother them at all.A zombie may reek of the grave or have body parts that are rotting away.
The Wolf Man-Other werewolves make a complete transformation under a full moon but the wolf man remains vaguely human appearance.His face is still recognizable as that of a person.While he is still human he hears a poem that will stay with him.A newcomer to Wales named Larry Talbot knows alittle about werewolves until he buys an antique walking stick decorated with a silver wolf's head.He was told that it represents a werewolf and he hears the poem for the first time.He tried to rescue a friend from a werewolf attack but he got bitten and turned into a werewolf.The werewolf who bites him is a gypsy called Bela, a fortune teller's son.He has suffered the curse of lycanthropy for years.The Wolf Man/Larry's forehead becomes grotesquely deformed and enlarged.He does not develop the muzzle and ears of a wolf.

Zombie from I walked with a zombie-Jessica sleeps walks every night ,and her doctor diagnosed an incurable tropical fever as the cause.It affects her spinal cord and brain,and she can't speak.Her nurse Betsy finds out the truth.Jessica is a voodoo-created zombie.She doesn't bleed or grow old.She is undead as a punishment for loving two half-bothers.Betsy calls on help of a voodoo priest.She finds out it is a doctor of medicine,Mrs.Rand.She says that Jessica can never be cured.She has been cursed by Mrs.Rand who is possessed by a voodoo god.Jessica's eyes are open but she can't see.Her eyes are gazed and unfocused staring into the distance.She walks around in a trance with her arms stretched out.She doesn't walk stiff because she is a voodoo zombie.Her blond hair is half of what makes her attractive to the half-bothers turning then into rivals.She is located in San Sebastian.(Sorry no picture) 
Zombies from Night of the Living Dead-The zombies are a army of assassins eating blood and flesh.They may look like ordinary people but their stiff lumbering walk and staring eyes gives them away.Scientist suggest that they have been affected by radiation from an exploded Venus space probe.They are newly-dead people.They are really really strong and their grasping hands can break through any blockades.Barbara and her bother Johnny are first attacked in a graveyard by one zombie.Johnny got bitten and later comes back to attack the hostages in the house.Inside the house Ben and Bardara find the remains of a dead women who has been devoured by the zombies.Bardara and Ben meet 5 more people that are hiding from the zombies sheltering in the cellar.They tried to scare them away with fire bombs and flaming torches but hordes of zombies circle the house.In the cellar a young girl recovers and reveals her ghoulish self.She begins to attack her family and eat the people trapped there with her.These zombies are afraid of fire.They have bad teeth with rotten areas and blood around their lips.The people hide in a Pennsylvania farmhouse.The zombies live in the entire eastern seaboard of the USA.

 Ramsley-Ramsley is the butler.The master,Edward Gracey,was going to marry the love of his life,Elizabeth Henshaw.Ramsley thinks that it will be a mistake to marry her.Ramsley poisons Elizabeth and tells Edward that she killed herself.Edward hangs himself because he doesn't want to live without her.All of the ghosts in the mansion are under a curse.The ghosts in the graveyard can't see the light so they are trapped.If Edward finds out the truth the curse will be lifted.Ramsley makes Edward think that a girl that looked like Elizabeth,Sara Evers,was a reborn Elizabeth.Ramsley calls up the Evers family and lied to them that they need to sell the mansion.Sara's husband,Jim,and their kids,Megan and Michael,also came.Ramsley made it rain so it would flowed the roads and they can't leave.Jim and Megan went into the mausoleum  to find the key so they can get out of this mess.When they find the key in a coffin with a skeleton,the skeleton comes to life.When Jim knock the skeletons head off then all the skeletons comes to life and attacks them.Ramsley might be the one that made that happen.When they wanted to get out of the mausoleum, Ramsley locked the door.Michael was on the outside,but Ramsley made spiders crawl on the door and Michael was scared of spiders.Ramsley thew Jim out the window and locked the kids in the chest,so they won't interfere with the wedding.Ramsley blackmailed Sara to marry Edward or he will do something bad to the kids.Jim showed Edward a letter Elizabeth wrote that says she loves him,in the middle of the wedding.Edward then knows the truth,but Ramsley gets made and makes a passageway to hell.The fire from the fire place takes the form of a dragon to garb and pull them into hell.The maid,Emma,and the footman,Ezra is terrified of Ramsley.The Gracey Mansion is in New Orleans.

 The Evil Thing-A goth girl,Cassie Keller,just moved to a new neighborhood.She loves to scare people who annoy her,to get back at them.(She is seen playing tricks on her little brother,Max Keller,and Priscilla Wright,a popular girl in school.)She finds a strange Halloween store down a alley.The store owner sells her a book called The Evil Thing.There is a warning on the front page that read "Do Not Read Aloud."Cassie reads the book to Max to get back at him,from turning off her computer while she was writing her term paper.The story goes like this "The Evil Thing is a gruesome beast.On living flesh it loves to feast.It's a two headed thing,who you don't wish to greet.One head sucks your blood.One head chews your meat.It carries its babies,in slimy eggs on its back.The babies are hungry,when they hatch for a snack.So The Evil Thing traps some poor victim alive,for the babies to eat when their birthdays arrive.But don't worry,don't cry,please don't have a fit.The Evil Thing is not real.Unless you think about it."Max thought about it and brought The Evil Thing back to life.The Evil Thing trapped Max,Priscilla,and a pizza guy and brought them to its hiding spot.Sean Redford,a guy from school,warns her that The Evil Thing is real.Cassie later finds out that the owner travels around the world for the person who loves to scare people the most,every Halloween.After Cassie,Sean,and Max brought The Evil Thing back to the dead,they burned the book in the fireplace.Cassie's dad found the book slightly burnt in the fireplace and read it.

    Devil Worshipper Ghost-There used to be a house where the woods are,but they had to tear it down.The devil worshippers put kids into giant pizza ovens.They cooked them and they ate them.One time they forgot to turn off the ovens and the house burnt down with everyone in it.Every Halloween people can still here the laughter of the devil worshipper ghosts,looking for more kids to sacrifice.Rodrick told his little brother,Greg,and his brother's friend,Rowley,the story to scare them.When a couple guys was chasing Greg and Rowley to beat them up,they ran into the woods.The guys that was chasing them stopped because they were too scared to go in.Greg and Rowley thought that they heard the ghosts laughing and they ran as fast as they can to get out of there.They didn't know that it was Fregley,a weird boy from their school,making those nosies.(Sorry no picture.)