Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Myths and Legends

 Medusa-She was once beautiful until she was transformed by a jealous goddess.The god Poseidon was in love with Medusa.They meet in the temple of the goddess Athena,and Athena is mad that her temple is used for anything but worship.Medusa's hair turns into snakes and her face is less beautiful as her punishment.Who ever looks at her is turned into stone.Perseus was raised by priests from Athena's temple.He promises to bring King Polydects and Athena, Medusa's head.Medusa's breath smells similar to the smell of decaying flesh.Medusa's teeth is like a snake's fangs.If anyone comes near her without getting turned to stone,her teeth can rip off the flesh from human bones and her hair of snakes strikes at anything that moves.She lives in Libya which is on the northern coast of Africa.

 Hydra-There is an entrance to the underworld,which is guarded by Hydra.It's breath has a foul smell with a poison that is strong enough to kill a man.It comes through the countryside,where it flattens crops and scares the people.If any of his nine heads is cut off, another head grows very quickly in its place.Many people die of fright just from looking at it.The Hydra has webbed feet.It can dig it's claws into the ground and can't be moved from that spot.The Hydra has a giant,snakelike body.It eats cows,goats,sheep,men,women,and children.One of it's heads can't be cut off because it is immortal.It lives in the city of Lerna in Argolis,Greece.It's siblings are the Chimaera and Cerberus.

 Cerberus-Cerberus is the three-headed dog with a snake tail.It guards the entrance to Hades,the underworld, from letting the living entering and the dead from leaving.If the living or the dead wants to enter or leave they will be eating.He has watchful eyes and keen hearing,which makes it impossible to try to sneak pass the entrance.His name means "demon of the pit."He can run for a very long time without getting tired.His tail is poisonous that a single lash from it's tail brings death.It's mouths have 126 sharp teeth.It's saliva burns and poisons the ground.It guards the entrance to Hades in Greece.

  Chimaera-It was the pet of the king of Caria,until it escaped.It terrorizes everyone that it sees.It has three heads which are the head of a goat,the head of a lion,and the head of a serpent.It comes in the countryside and spews fire at everything it sees.It is immortal,so no weapons made by man can hurt it.It has the front legs of a lion.It uses it's claws to rip flesh that it hasn't swallowed or roasted yet.It has the hind legs of a goat.It's body is part lion,and part goat.In some stories the Chimaera has the head of a lion,the body of a goat,and the tail of a snake.It lives in Lycia,which is on the southwestern coast of modern-day Turkey.(Sorry no picture.) 

   Harpy-There are three Harpies.They have a face of a women and a body of a vulture.They shriek,peck,and nag.The Harpies sings their songs and it annoys the sailors passing by.The god of the underworld sends them on a mission to get anyone who is not willing to die.Once the Harpy's victim is terrified frozen,she digs her claws into her victim and brings him to the gates of Hades.Phineas,who has the gift of prophecy,gets the god Zeus angry.He punishes Phineas by blinding him and sending him to an island.Food is on the island for Phineas,but the Harpies won't let him eat any of it.They always steals his food from his hands and spoils the leftovers.Harpy's body gives off a terrible stink that spoils anything it toughs.The name Harpy comes from a Greek word that means "snatcher."Their shrieks can cause temporary deafness to anyone near by.They live off the western shore of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea,in the rocky Strofades Islands.(Sorry no picture.)

  Siren-Sometimes the sailors passing by the rocky islands off the coast of Italy hears Sirens' sing and forgets all about their homes,become helpless,and crash into the rocks.There are three Sirens.Sirens are bird-women who gets sailors to come to their deaths with their beautiful song.Their island looks white because of all the bones from the sailors who came to their doom.In some paintings they are mermaids playing a flute.Sirens live on three rocky islands called Li Galli which is east of the island of Capri,off the southwestern coast of Italy.(Sorry no picture.)

  Sphinx-The Sphinx is a winged lion with a woman's head.She sits on top of a rock and says a riddle to all young men who passes by.The ones who doesn't say the correct answer is killed.She strangles them to death then she eats them.The riddle is "Which creature has one voice but goes on four feet in the morning,two feet at noon,and three feet in the evening?"In some stories she looks like a ram-headed lion or a hawk-headed lion.The name Sphinx come from the Greek word meaning "to strangled."Sphinxes wears an Egyptian headdress and a false beard which is a small part that remains of the Sphinx's origins in Egypt.The Sphinxes was guardians that represents the power of the pharaoh.Her large wings lets the Sphinx swoop down and kill anyone who can't answer the riddle correctly.Her lion body gives her seed and strength.She stands on her victim's necks with her lion paws and chokes them to death.Her sharp claws can easily take the flesh from  her victim's body.The Sphinx originally comes from the ancient kingdom of Egypt.(Sorry no picture)

  Grendel-Grendel was angered by the sounds of celebration that comes from the feasting hall.He leaves behind bloody footprints and he killed more than 30 warriors in the feasting hall.He drags away their bodies and eats them in his swamp lair.He has placed a magical spell on all human weapons so all of their weapons can't harm him.The king and  his people never came back to the feast hall.He has sharp,unbreakable teeth.His claws are coved with blood.He lives in Geatland,a region in the south of Sweden.When Grendel dies,his mother attacks the feasting hall.She wanted revenge for the death of her son.(Sorry no picture.)

Fenrir-A prophecy says that Fenrir and his family will destroy the world.The gods is also a scared of Fenrir.Loki,the Father of all lies,is Fenrir's father.Odin,the chief god,hopes to tame Fenrir.Tyr,the god of war,is the only one who is brave enough to feed Fenrir.Fenrir's size and viciousness grows daily.The gods traps him in chains,but twice he breaks out.The elves makes a ribbon that will hold Fenrir.The ribbon is made out of a mountain's roots,a woman's beard,a cat's footsteps,a fish's voice,a bird's spittle,and a bear's sinews.Fenrir never did trust the gods and thinks the ribbon might have magic beyond his powers.He wants the gods to put a hand in his mouth as faith that no magic will be used against him.Tyr is the only one brave enough to do it.When he knows that he can't break free of the ribbon,he bites off his Tyr's hand.He has long,muscular legs that lets him chase his prey for a very long time without getting tired.Everyone fears that Fenrir will become large enough to eat the sun.He has very keen hearing that he can hear a twig snap across the continent of Europe.His upper jaw toughs the sky and his lower jaw toughs the ground when he opens his mouth.Fenrir kills Odin from getting bigger.He lives in Scandinavian.

 Fafnir-Fafnir was a dwarf.Fafnir and Regin,his brother,wanted a share of their father's treasure.The Norse gods gave Fafnir's father his treasure as a payment for not meaning to kill one of Fafnir's brothers.Fafnir kills his father for the treasure and won't share any of it with Regin.Fafnir was transformed into a dragon because he was greedy over the treasure for years.A lot of men came for Fafnir's treasure but they got burned alive and eaten.Fafnir's father was the king of Dwarf Folk.Fafnir has scales that are as strong as iron to protect his body.A lot of swords were broken from trying to stab him.His giant wings let him fly toward his enemies in a surprise attack.His breath is a mixture of poisonous gases and flames.He lives in the Norwegian cave in Norway,resting on top of his heap of treasure.

   Lamia-In most tales Lamia is combination of a monster,a women,a vampire or a witch.Some people says that she is a demon.She comes out at night to go into houses and drink the blood of kids.Sometimes she steals them from their rooms.She was transformed into a half-human,half-snake.In some places she is like Lilith,a night demon who may appear as an owl,and disturb people in their sleep.She can bring nightmares or upsetting dreams and diseases.Lamia and Zeus fell in love with each other.Zeus could have had kids with Lamia,and Zeus' wife,Hera,wanted revenge.Hera killed Lamia's kids and cursed her so she couldn't go to sleep.Lamia could not stop thinking about her dead sons and daughters.She killed other people's kids and toke out her anger on them.In some stories Lamia drinks the blood from kids and adults.Zeus gives her the power to pull out her eyeballs to calm her from the images of her dead kids.Artists and poets from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries saw Lamia as a monster who can have the form of a women.Their works is often shown with snakeskin decoration.In one story Lamia is the child of the sea-god,Poseidon,and she looks like a shark.In other stories she starts her life as a Libyan queen.She lives in ancient Greece.(Sorry no picture.)

 Strigoi-The strigioi are souls that rise from their graves wanting revenge for something wrong that happened to them during their life time.They can spend a lot of nights seeking for blood from humans.They have to go back to their graves often until they get older and stronger.When they do get older and stronger,they only need to go back to their graves every Saturday.After seven years they don't need to go back to their graves and they can live wherever they want.They look like normal people.The strigoi passes through different stages after rising from their graves.In it's first stage it moves furniture and causes trouble in it's home,that it used to live in when they were alive.In this stage it is invisible and it steals food from humans to eat.In the next stage it becomes visible and looks like it is still alive.It feeds on livestock until it is strong enough.It chooses family as it's first victims.Often in the countryside strigoi are known as moroi.Some strigoi takes the form of an animal like a cat,dog,or sheep.They have two hearts next to each other.They will show signs of being one of the undead around their face.It could just be pale and washed out,or red at the edges of the eyes and marks of blood from it's victims.The ones that were buried underground has bony hands and dirty,broken fingernails.They live in Transylvania which is in Romania.(Sorry no picture)

 Baobhan Sith-Baobhan Sith are ghostly vampire women.They are normally in forests and wooded areas.They are mostly in groups.They get men to dance with them.In some stories they have a hypnotic power to make them dance.When the men can't stop dancing to fight back,the baobhan sith drinks their blood.Baobhan Sith are mostly said to be related to a female demon,the succubus,who bothers men in their sleep.Baobhan Sith's long dresses hides their feet which looks like the hooves of a deer.They usually wear a long,green dress and a cloak.Their cloths smells like blood.They have blond or white hair.They also have green eyes and pale skin.They don't have sharp teeth to suck their victims' blood,instead they use their sharp fingernails and drink from the wounds.They live in the Scottish Highlands.

    Vrykolakes-Vrykolakas (plural of vrykolakes) is someone that is dead who became a vampire.Three years after someone dies,the bodies had to be taken out of the ground so the ground can be used again.If the body didn't decay when they take it out of the ground it could be a vrykolakes.They have lived an unholy life,were buried in unholy ground,eaten meat from a sheep that has been hurt by a werewolf, or a cat has jumped over their body before being buried can turn them into a vrykolakes.Vrykolakes can be in daylight without being harmed,but they mostly kill people and sheep at night.Their bodies look fatter than when they were alive.They live in Greece.The island of Crete has a lot of them.In Crete they are called Kathakano.(Sorry no picture)

    Volkodlac-The volkodlac is in human form during the day and changes into a wolf at night.If it is killed it becomes a vampire.It can still turn into a werewolf at night to eat.If it is killed again,it becomes a werewolf again.They eat humans and animals.You can become one by being bitten by one,but they most of the time eat their victims so it is very rare. In some stories,you can also drink rainwater that is from a footprint of volkodlac to become one.During winter time they gather together in groups,usually in forests.It's name has many different spellings,it depends on which country you are in.It's name means "wolf''s hair."A person with enough evil in his soul can put on the volkodlac's wolfskin and turn into one.When he takes it off,he turns into a human again.The volkodlacs have eyes that can glow in the dark.They have very sharp teeth.They live in Eastern Europe.(Sorry no picture)

    The Beast of Gévaudan -It is a wolflike beast that loves to eat humans more then animals.It walks past a field of cows to kill people in villages and forests.It most of the time eats women and kids.Some people think it is a hyena,a lion,a bear,or a panther.A lot of people thinks it is a werewolf.Those people told stories about a sorcerer who can appear as a wolf that can crush it's victims' heads,drink their blood and eat their flesh.When it started to kill people that were on their way to church,people told thought it was the devil trying to stop people from worshipping God.It is known as la Bête du Gévaudan in France.It's tail can knock over or hurt a human.They have six claws on each of their feet.In most stories it is reddish-brown,with a gray or a white chest.It has a lot of sharp teeth.It lives in Gévaudan in southern France.(Sorry no picture)

    Werebears-The werebears is related to the werewolves,but the werebears are more vicious.They have human intelligence,and sometimes they know how to use weapons.Werebears usually transform depending on the phase of the moon.They are usually tired when they transform into a human.Many werebear stories comes from Norse mythology.The werebears carries an ax,or they wear body armor.It's claws can knock it's victims unconscious.It has huge muscles and glowing eyes.Werebears are all over the world.North America,Russia,and parts of Europe has the most werebears.(Sorry no picture)

    Jé-Rouges-Jé-Rougs are created when a human gives himself over to evil forces or Voodoo leaders in return for being capable of changing form.They can change into a plant or an animal.The Jé-Rouges werewolf picks the body of a unsuspected person and possesses them every night.Most people says that it is vampirelike,and loves to bite people to have more of it's kind.Jé-Rouges has red glow in the dark eyes.Their breath smells like meat and blood.They are in Haiti and in Central America.(Sorry no picture)

 Chupacabra-The Chupacabra is vampiric creature,who love to eat goats.It's names means "goat sucker."Its victims are usually livestock and pets.Its prey is most of the time found completely drained of blood.In some stories the chupacabras live in caves.Their long teeth and claws makes them look more like an alien then the canine that they are.In stories,they have a forked tongue that leaves a strong smell of sulfur,which makes people feel sick.Some say that they are a cross between animals and aliens.Some people also says that these vampires are crocodiles.The Chupacabra is also in Scooby Doo,"The Monster of Mexico."It has gray skin and may have scaly,reptilian skin or patchy fur.It can change it's color like a chameleon.Their eyes are either black or bright red.Most says it moves on two feet.Some says it jumps up to 20 feet (6 m).Others says that it can fly.It lives in Puerto Rico.

    Mandurugo-The mandurugo can detach the upper half of her body.She can also grow wings at night to search for her next victim.She makes a noise that is louder the farther away she is.When the sound gets quieter,her victims thinks she is moving away,but she is really getting closer.She pokes her victims' skin with her tongue to drink their blood.The mandurugo got married 4 times,and she always ends up eating her husbands.They are also known by a lot of names,it depends on which island the stories are told.It's name means "bloodsucker."One of the many names that they are known as is Manananggal,which means "separated one."During the day,the mandurugo appears to be a beautiful women.It lives in the Philippines.(Sorry no picture)

   Jiang Shi-The name means "stiff corpse."They are dead bodies that searches for humans,like zombies.They have endless hunger for humans' blood.They can't think,see,or speak,but they can seek out their victims either with their sense of smell or by detecting their breathing.A true Jiang Shi is created if the person was wicked while they were alive,or if they died in an improper way like suicide.The fingernails are long,black,and sharp,which can mean that they have been dead for a long time.They move with a stiff,jumping motion because their legs are solid after they die.They walk with their arms stretched out in front of them because their body stiffens after death.It may take a very long time for a body to become one,so their clothes are most of the time old-fashioned.They live in China.(Sorry no picture)

    Penanggalan-The penanggalan is a Malaysian vampire.During the day she looks like a women.She uses witchcraft to increase her looks.By night,she leaves her body behind,and flies around as only a head.She drinks human blood,and sometimes she will eat their flesh.She ratter drink the blood from a newborn child or a pregnant women,and hangs around making noises while a child is born.She sucks their blood with her very long,invisible tongue poking into the house.Her victims die slowly from disease.The penanggalan's entrails can glow in the dark.While flying at night,her body is left in a vat of vinegar to save it.The penanggalan has long hair.She always smells like vinegar because she uses a lot of it.They also have sharp fangs.She lives in Malay Peninsula.(Sorry no picture)

     Asanbosam-The Asanbosam is a vampire creature.It takes the form of a human,except for it's sharp teeth and hooked legs.It hides in trees and waits for a passer-by to walk under it,then it hooks and bites them on the thumb or big toe to drink their blood.After it drinks their blood,it feeds of their flesh.Sometimes it plays with it's victim like the way a cat might play with a mouse.Asanbosam are not the only tree-dwellers.They also have Naglopers,who are shape-changers.Sometimes they transform their victims into the same shape.The Naglopers will only change their victims back if they do what it says and capture people with their hooked feet.Some tales says that the Asanbosam has a long tail that has a snakes head at the end.It's teeth looks like human teeth but are made of  iron.They live in Ghana,Togo,and the Ivory Coast.(Sorry no picture)

    Nocnitsa-The Nocnitsa creeps into bedrooms of dreaming people and sits on their chests.The people's dreams are filled with the feeling of being pinned down so they can't move from their bed.She preys on children,so it is easy to hold them still.The Nocnitsa has a strong smell of wet moss,soil,and fir trees.Her smell might invade her victims' dreams or remain in the bedroom until the morning after her visit.The children might wake up screaming from their nightmares or they might never wake up at all.It is hard to see her face in the shadow,except for her fangs and her eyes.She consists of flickering shadows,and her bottom half of her body disappears into darkness.She isn't tall,and she looks shorter because she is hunched over her victim's chest.She lives in Eastern Europe,such as Poland,Russia,and Bulgaria.(Sorry no picture)

    Mara-She is a spirit,who is uncomfortable until she sits on the chest of her sleeping victims.She holds victims down so they can't move.She can come into a bedroom through a keyhole or a crack underneath the door.She is said to "ride" her victims,and she drinks their blood while ridding them.The spirit of any sleeping women can go out into the night and become a mara,if the women is cursed or wicked enough.They don't just drink human's blood,they also drink horse's blood too.If the horse's mane is tangled and knotted,it is a sign that a mara was there.The word "nightmare" comes from "mara."The name mare is used for all female vampires,in Denmark.In some other places,she has no fangs,but she scares her victims and feeds off their fear.Some says that mara has wings,and some says she doesn't.She appears light,floaty,and you can almost see through her.She has an ordinary mouth with very sharp fangs.She has long,slender fingers.She lives in Scandinavia and other parts of western Europe.(Sorry no picture)

   Banshee-Banshees are female fairies,but they are not pretty like the childhood fairy tales.They are grim. The appearance of a banshee means that a human is going to die.When a banshee lets out a wail,that sounds like they are in pain,it means that someone is about to die.Then the banshee cries like she would never stop. Sometimes the banshee will wash the blood-stained clothes of the person,right before they die.If seven banshees comes at once,it means someone very important is about to die.The name banshee comes from the Irish "bean sidhe" which means "women of the fairy hill."Their long hair is gray or a dull brown.Their hair is often knotted.They are always seen in a long gray cloak with a hood.Some wears death robes,and others wear a long,green dress underneath their cloaks.They have red eyes from crying.They have the form of  both a young and beautiful women,or a old and haggard women.Banshees' wail is a combination of a baby's cries,a wolf's call,and winds of death.They live in Great Britain from central Europe.They are usually around Irish or Scottish families.(Sorry no picture.)

   Black Annis-Black Annis lives in Leicestershire,England,in a cave that she made out of stone.Her clawed fingers is the only thing she used to carve the cave.There is a oak tree outside the cave,which is a prefect hiding place for her.She waits for passers-by,especially kids,and then she jumps out to grab them and pull them into the cave.She skinned them and hang up the skins to dry.She throws away the bones and eats their flesh.She also saves the dry skins to wear.In Scotland she is known as "Gentle Annie."She is very strong and has long fingers with claws instead of nails.She can transform into a black cat and some people calls he "Cat Anna."In most stories she has one eye in the middle of her face.She also has wrinkled,blue skin and yellow fangs.(Sorry no picture.)

Yuki-Onna-Yuki-Onna shows up during snowstorms,mostly at night.She waits by the roadside and asks people to help her with her baby.If they say yes,she freezes their body and sucks out their soul,or drains their blood.She sometimes goes to mountain huts in search of men.She uses her strong breathe to blow down the huts.She puts the men under her spell and invites them to go outside in the cold,where she takes their souls."Yuki" means snow and "onna" means woman,in Japanese.If anyone wants to fight her she can evaporate into a puff of mist or into snow to escape.Some stories says she has blood-stained feet.Some other stories says she leaves no footprints.Others says she doesn't even have feet.She might be a women who died in a snowstorm.Others clams she was a princess of the Moon who came to Earth with a snowfall to look around,and couldn't return to the sky.She has black hair and ghostly pale skin.Her eyes scares people and can freeze them with fear.She sometimes wears a white Japanese kimono.She lives in Japan.

    Yama Uba-Yama Uba is a ghost who takes the from of a old woman in the mountains.She finds people that are lost and invites them to her home to help them.She gives them food and drink,and a bed for the night.She pounces on them while they are sleeping.She has an ax that she sharpens for every victim.She is feared by people in nearby villages.She can transform into a beautiful woman to make her victims feel safe.She has different ways of catching her victims.Sometimes she turns her hair into snakes.Other times she might lead the people to a dangerous mountain paths until they are too tired to walk.When they fall,she climbs down and feeds of their flesh.Her name means "old woman in the mountain" in Japanese.She sometimes is seen with mountain deer and monkeys by her side.She has long,tangled white hair.She wears a red kimono that is dirty and old,but far away it may look beautiful.In some stories she has another mouth at the top of her head.She lives in Japan.(Sorry no picture)

    Jikininki-They are ghosts or undead,who eat human dead bodies.In some stories they can disguise themselves as ordinary humans during the day time.They are spirits of people who were greedy or selfish,and they are cursed to remain undead as their punishment.Most of them realize what they are doing.They can't speak,but they can make nosies that sounds like wild animal.Many of them have sharp teeth for tearing flesh and bones.A priest,Muso,was lost and relied on help from a village.The village gave him food and shelter.A man died that day and it was tradition that they stay away from the village all night.Muso stayed away from the village,and was performing his priestly duties by the dead body.An evil spirit came in the room.Muso was frozen in fear and watched as the dark shape lifted the body and ate it.A Jikininki might take from the bodies they feed on.Jikininki wears their clothes and uses any valuables they can find to bribe certain people to leave them alone.They hide behind tombstones or within shallow graves,because they don't like to be seen.If disturbed they will fight,their claws and teeth are dangerous weapons.A person who is hurt by one may become a Jikininki.A Jikininki is like a "rakshasa,"which means a Buddhist or Hindu demon.They are almost completely bald.They can kill or paralyze anyone who looks at them in the eye.They have moldy,yellowish-gray shin.Scabs,wounds,and blisters cover their bodies.They are seen mostly in Japan,but they also live in Philippines and in Borneo.(Sorry no picture

    Rokurokubi-During the day they live as ordinary humans,but at night they stretch their necks to let their heads roam freely.Sometimes they just frighten people who are out late at night.The more evil ones prey upon people,suck their blood,and eat them.Some of them doesn't know whats happening and remain asleep. Their only clue is dreams where they feel they are looking down on the world from a great height or a strange angle.At night it can change it's face into the face of an ogre.They live all over Japan.(Sorry no picture)

    Adlet-Adlet is part-human and part-canine.They eat humans and animals.They go for the victim's throat and drink their blood,when they first hunt down their prey.They usually continue to eat the flesh and insides of their victims.They are called erqigdlit in Greenland and in Baffin island.In some stories they have the body and the face of a human and legs of a canine.Adlet can run for a long time without getting tired.Their fur is red.Their fingers are long and bony and they have claws instead of nails.They live in the USA,Canada,and nearby islands.(Sorry no picture.)

   Yara-ma-yha-who-The yara-ma-yha-who lives in fig trees,and waits for passers-by to rest in the shade.He pins them down and sucks their blood.The victim is left weak and still alive.When he returns,he swallows the victim whole like a snake.Then he stands up and dances to shake its food down to its stomach.His victims are reborn,but they are shorter than before they were eating.His victims will get shorter and redder each time they get eating.Soon,his victims will become one.His victims usually can survive three attacks before they become one.The yara-ma-yha-who runs like a wobbling bird.The tips of his fingers and toes are covered with suckers.He uses them to hold his victims in place while he sucks their blood.He has a giant head and he has no teeth.He lives in Australia.(Sorry no pictures.)

   Boo Hag-Boo hags look for people to feed on at night.She takes people's breath by sucking it out of them while they are sleeping.This is known as "ridin."In areas where she hunts,you might hear the warning "Don't let de hag ride ya."She enters her victim's room through a crack or hole.Her victims doesn't know that they've been ridden,and they will feel tired the next day.If a victim tries to wake up,the boo hag will stop sucking their breath and strip the skin off their body.She wears her victim's skin to disguise themselves.Before they hunt they take off the skin and hide it for when they return.Before dawn,the boo hag needs to be back in the skin or she will be trapped without skin forever.In one tale,the boo hags marry men and bring them to the "boo daddy,"who eats their flesh.Hollow black pits is where the boo hags eyes should be.Her hair is long and red.Her hair stands on end,so it won't wake her victims.She has no skin of her own.Her body is red and feels warm.They live in South Carolina in the USA.(Sorry no picture.)

   Loogaroo-A loogaroo is an old women who has made a deal with the devil in return for magical powers.To keep her side of the deal she needs to give the devil fresh blood every night.If she fails the devil will take some of her blood instead,which will soon kill her.She can shape-shift into a animal.They hunt at night.First they go to their local "Devil tree,"which is a type of silk-cotton tree,or Jumbie tree.She removes her skin,folds it up,and hides it by turning it into a ball of fire.She travels as a flickering blob of light.She can enter her victim's room through any crack.The victims feels very tried and drained the next day.Loogaroo has a light glow around her body.They live in many Caribbean countries and in Louisiana.(Sorry no picture.)