Saturday, January 15, 2011


Frankenstein's Monster-Frankenstein put him together by using body parts stolen from graves.Frankenstein believes that electricity can be used as a power source to bring the dead to life. This power was meant only for God. When lightning brings his creation to life in his lab. Victor Frankenstein runs away from his creation. Victor wakes up to see his monster standing by his bed and he runs away again. The monster murders Victor's bother to get back at him from rejecting him. Frankenstein's monster begs Victor to build a mate for him. Victor begins to build his monster a mate, but he destroyes her and throws her body in a lake. The monster murders Victor's bride on their wedding night for revange. Victor tracks his monster to Arctic and chases him on a dogshed but the ice breaks. When Victor Frankenstein dies his monster cries and goes off the ice to die. The monster is intelligent he is able to speak,and read. The monster has yellow skin. His skin is really thin that you can't hardly see his muscles and blood vessels. He has glowing yellow eyes. He stands 8 feet tall and has incredible strength. Victor's secret lab is near Geneva, Switzerland.

Dracula- Dracula needs to drink human blood to survive. If Dracula doesn't drink blood he will age raidly. Dracula has the appearance of a wealthy middle-aged nobleman. He is really hundreds of years old. Dracula rejects God and curses the living when Elisabeta, his love of his life dies. Dracula uses dark magic to rise from his grave as a vampire. The only companions in his castle is his three vampire brides. Dracula decides to expand his territory so he hires a real estate agent. Dracula sets sail to London taking his coffins with him. Dracula discovers that Mina, the fiancee of his real estate agent, resembles Elisabeta. Dracula came into Mina's bedroom at night and bite her and fed her his blood. Saddly Dracula was hunted down. When Dracula is killed Mina is free of the vampire's curse. Dracula's otherworldly nature means he does not have a reflection, so he does not cast a shadow or appear in any mirrors. Dracula has superhuman strength and the ability to transform into a bat, wolf, or a frog. He has hypnotic eyes that can command the obedience of man, rats, and wolfs. His pointed fangs are fit for reaching his victims blood veins. His very pale skin is cold like most of the undead. Dracula's castle is in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Bam Stoker, the author of Dracula, was bedridden for seven years of his life. His mom tells him horror stories when he was bedridden. When he was finally well enough to leave the house, he spends his time in the local graveyard.

The Headless Horseman- The headless horseman is a ghost of a soldier who was beheaded by a cannonball during the American Revolutionary War. The headless horseman rides his black horse to the place of the battle looking for his missing head every night. He returns to his grave in the churchyard before dawn. All ghosts needs to go back to their grave before dawn. In the early hours of the day a very sleepy townsfolk heard him on his horse galloping to go to his gave. The local schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, hears his horse behind him. Crane turns around to see him. Crane flees with his horse trying to escape but the horseman chases after him. Crane hurries to the bridge because he will be safe when crosses the bridge. Ghosts can't cross running water. Crane turns to look at the horseman after he had crossed the bridge. The horseman throws his severed head at Crane. Crane was knocked off his horse. Crane's hat is by the church and his horse is by his house, but he had disappeared from Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is under a spell that makes inhabitants hear music and voices in the air, see strange sights, and fall into trances. The townsfolk are superstitious and can point out any number of haunted spots. The horseman's ghost lives in a town called Sleepy Hollow for more than two centuries. Sleepy Hollow is near the Hudson River in New York. The horseman's head is a weapon for throwing at fleeing victims. His body vanishes in a flash. His body also turns into a skeleton when it reaches the bridge. The horse springs over treetops with a clap of thunder. The horseman is still wearing the black battle uniform and cape. He had died more than 200 years ago.

 Triffid-Triffids seeds were stolen from a Soviet research lab and were caught in the winds and are all over the world.Triffids have a lethal stinger.Some people remove the stinger and cultivate them in greenhouses.Scientists discovered that they can be grown as a commercial crop because of the triffid's valuable oils and proteins.As the triffids multiply the peril increases.They can uproot themselves and move where ever they want.Triffids emits a slow,clicking sound that grows faster as it zeroes in on a target.The stinger whips out of the Triffids' head and strikes it's victim.It leaves behind dark green venom and a painful welt with cuts.They root themselves to a fallen victim until the flesh decay.Rotting flesh is easier for the stinger to pull inside it's head to absorb.As a bust of light from a meteor shower blinds most of the people,and the Triffids easily pick up them.City dwellers are forced to move to the countryside to escape.A stinger grows back when it is damaged.Triffids can climb stairs and shove obstacles out of the way.The stinger always aiming for the face or head of it's victim.The venom blinds or kills a man within seconds.The flower-like head contains the stinger and the sticky substance to trap insects.The seeds were scattered across the world when the airplane carrying them was destroyed while flying.

 Morlocks-Morlocks live under England in the year A.D. 802,701. Their fur and their lair smell of the blood of their victims.Their eyes are so used to the darkness of their underground lair that they are blinded by any amount of light. They come out of their world at night to garb surface dwellers and drag them back underground to eat them.They eat the lazy surface dwellers called Eloi. Morlocks provid them with food and shelther and when the time comes they drag them to be killed and eaten.The entrances to the Morlocks world are spreaded across the countryside so they can easily get to the Eloi.Morlocks and Eloi races are descened from the human race.Eloi are more closely resemble humans,but they are a weak and childlike race that does no work.A time traveler,who discovered the Morlocks,was in 1895 and travels forward to the 8,028th century. Morlock's eyes are very large with no eyelids.Their eyes have a reflective quality almost like a cat's. Their skin is ghostly pale. They don't have malanin, which is the pigment that gives skin it's color.A thin coat of fur keeps the Morlocks warm.Their muscular bodies gives them speed,agility,and tremendous strength.

Jabberwock-The Jabberwock turns a British forest into a killing ground.It strips it's prey of fresh leaving only bloodied bones.It eats livestock and humans,and flattens the villages.Many people that lives on the countryside flee to the city for protection. His batlike wings can't lift him from the ground.It flaps it's wings to terrify it's prey.He has sharp bony claws,red eyes,and sharp fangs.He also makes a bleating noise before it kills it's victim.The Jabberwock lives in England.

 Edward Hyde-Henry Jekyll made a potion that he thought would separate the good from the evil in a person,but it led to his darker side taking over his personality.Henry Jekyll was secretly experimenting in his lab.When he drinks the potion he turns into Edward Hyde.Mr.Hyde has all the worst qualities in human nature.He takes trips at night to the darker side of town,where he threatened people and participate in illegal activities.Mr.Hyde hurt a little girl in the street and showed no regret.Hyde also club a member of the government to death with his cane,than tramples him underfoot.Mr.Hyde gets stronger than Dr.Henry Jekyll. Dr.Jekyll was having trouble keeping his dark side under control.Dr.Jekyll kills himself to kill Mr.Hyde.The truth of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde was not found out until a letter that has Henry's confession is read after he dies.Jekyll and Hyde lives in London.Hyde has an unpleasant smile.Hyde's face is not disfigured,but to anyone who looks at him he appears to be wicked.

 Orc-Orcs create only misery and conflict.They are only capable of destruction.They hate everybody including their own race.Orcs has hearts pumps black blood through their veins.Orcs eats the flesh of humans and horses.The hobbit,Frodo,was captured by Orcs after Shelob,the demon spider,paralyzes him.Orcs found him wrapped in Shelob's webbing.Orcs carried Frodo to their lair.His friend,Sam,saves him before the Orcs ate him.Orcs are fiercest of all warriors because they would take on any enemy.When there is no enemies around they fight themselves.They can be found throughout Middle-earth fighting hobbits,men,dwarves,and elves.Their home base is Mordor.Their long arms,crooked back,and bowed legs gives them an apelike appearance.They have fangs and never smile.They have an unpleasant laugh that sounds like clashing metal.They use a rock,club,or poisoned blades and arrows as their weapons.

 Shelob-Shelob is a demon in spider form.It lives in a dark,bad-smelling lair of underground tunnels.It eats any living thing that goes along  Spider's Pass.Lord Sauron uses Shelob to guard one of the entrances to his realm.Lord Sauron feeds her an Orc every few days.She spines ropelike webs that a sword can't break.When someone is tangled in her web she uses her stinger and needlelike jaws to pump a paralyzing poison into her victim's veins.Frodo and Sam are led into Spider's Pass by a servant of Shelob,Gollum.Shelob lives high in Middle-earth's mountains of Mordor.The sensitive hairs on her legs detects movement and the scent of her victim coming.Shelob's powerful jaws grab and crush her victim.Her habitat is darkness,so any amount of light is painful to her.

 Lord Sauron-Lord Sauron is a dark lord who can change his appearance when he wants.He's servants are werewolves and vampires.When he conquers the Elves' island he turns it into the Isle of Werewolves.He goes into hiding for about 1,000 years when his master is defeated during War of Wrath.He reappears and looks like he has changed his ways,but his plan is to get power over all men.He persuade the Elves to make the nine Rings of Power which gives incredible power to their owners.Lord Sauron secretly makes the one ring that controls the other nine rings.He becomes know as Dark Lord of Mordor.Sauron's body was destroyed in battle,but his spirit still lives as a large yellow eye ringed with fire.He can live as long as the One Ring exists because he gave a lot of his power to the one ring.The nine other rings are given to human kings and fall under the power of Lord Sauron,who has the One Ring.Lord Sauron's spirit hangs over the Dark Tower watching over all of Middle-earth.His hands burn like fire to anyone who toughs them.He wears a suit of plate armor spiked with horns,when he is on the battlefield.Lord Sauron stands taller than other men.He also carries a sword that he made himself.

 Ringwraith-Ringwraith is one of the nine human kings who fell under the power of Lord Sauron because of their greed.Every Ringwraith has a Ring of Power.Lord Sauron makes the Ringwraiths his servants.They become bound to the One Ring.Their immortality is unbearable because they live in the shadows and carry darkness with them.They are only visible to Lord Sauron.Their greatest power is their ability to make fear become part of someone's nature.Their poisonous Black Breath gives mortals Black Shadow. Black Shadow can cause nightmares,despair,unconsciousness,and death.The Ringwraits are kept in their undead state by their Rings of Power.Ringwraith appears in a fierce fire,when they are angered.The      witch-king of Angmar,their leader,has a sword that burst into flames.They are also know as Dark Riders, Black Riders,and the Nine Riders.The city becomes silent,when they take over the Tower of Black Magic.In the city there is no lights.Whoever comes near the Tower of Black Magic risks becoming insane.A tiny reflection is where his eyes once were.They speak in cries that causes terror and despair.

 Phantom of the Opera-Erik is a musician who lives in secret quarters hidden  underneath the opera house.He sleeps in a coffin and he doesn't show his deformed face.He commands the managers of the opera to pay him a monthly salary and to keep a theater box set aside for him at every performance.He threatens disaster if he doesn't get what he wants.When new managers take over the opera they will not give him what he wants.They think it is a prank that the old mangers made up.Erik gave voice lessons to Christine.He teaches her behind the wall of her dressing room.He thinks that her dead farther sent him as the Angel of Music.Her performances gets better and Erik becomes in love with her.He puts on a mask to hide his face and takes her to his lair underneath the opera.When they sung together,Christine takes off his mask and sees his face.When he finds out about her plan to leave Paris with another man,he kidnaps her during a performance.He wants her to marry him and he tells her if she disagrees he will blow up the opera.Erik is a murderer and torturer.He uses a lasso to strangle or hang his victims.The Phantom lives in the Opera Garnier in Paris.His mother was terrified of the sight of his face.He was a circus freak earlier in his life.His hands are very cold and smells like death.He is very thin and his dark coat hangs loosely.

 Lord Ruthven-Lord Ruthven keeps his vampire self hidden.Aubrey,his traveling companion,doesn't know how he lives.He looked like he was wounded,and Aubrey leaves Greece thinking Ruthven is dead.He returns to hunt down Aubrey.Lord Ruthven eats the Greek girl that Aubrey likes and he also eats Aubrey's sister. When Aubrey finally realizes that he is a vampire it is too late.He gave his oath that he will not go against Ruthven.Aubrey writes his sister a letter warning her,but the Lord ate her before she had a chance to read the letter.The Geek girl,the daughter of an innkeeper.Aubrey stayed at the inn when he was in Greece and she told him about vampires,but he didn't believe her.The Lord and Aubrey becomes friends in London than they traveled through Europe to Greece.Lord Ruthven has dead,gray eyes.His face is always very pale.He  silences laughter with a look.Lord Ruthven also wears fashionable clothes.(Sorry,no picture.)

 Carmilla-Carmilla is a vampiress who only eats girls.Most of the time she will befriend her victims before feeding on them at night.She becomes friends with a lonely 18-year-old,Laura.Laura had a dream of Carmilla about 12 years before.Carmilla is also know as Countess Mircalla Karnstein,to the vampires.She has been alive since the late 1600s.She appears in her victim's bedrooms at night as a fiendish black cat.She than bites her victims on the neck or the chest.Many people feels this as a dream,and they don't have any wounds to prove that they were bitten by a vampire.After she eats them she changes back into a woman and leaves through the closed door or drifts through the solid walls of the bedrooms.Carmilla changes her name to befriend people in various periods of history.The names that went by are Carmilla,Mircalla,Millarca.
Carmilla is the first female fictional vampire.Carmilla lowers her victims to her with her beauty.Her hands show her extraordinary strength.She can grab someone's wrist so they can't move,and it leaves a numb feeling that might not fade.Carmilla has long flowing locks of hair,like all rich women of this period in history.At night her lips turn into the hot lips and her eyes turn into the dark eyes,just like a hungry vampire.
Carmilla is tall and slim.She still has a catlike grace when human form.Carmilla lives in Austrian which is the state of Styria.

 Lestat-Lestat is a "New World" vampire who is found lurking in southern United States.He has cold skin.A strange peace comes over him every time kills another human.Most of the time his victims doesn't feel any pain when he drinks their blood.He wears a pointed and silver thimble on his thumb of his right hand.He sometimes uses it to cut his victim's skin and drains their blood in a wine glass.He finds a person named Louis in New Orleans.Louis' wife and child died and he has lost his will to live.Lestat eats him but he gives him a choice to join him.Louis of course accepts.Then Lestat cuts his wrist and lets blood go into Louis' mouth.Louis realizes that not all vampires has super strenght,and that Lestat's lifestyle is not for him.There are many "Old World" vampires in Europe.They have superhuman powers like Lestat.They can run really fast and some of them can fly.Most of them can read peoples' thoughts.Lestat meets Louis south of New Orleans but convinces him to go to the city for more humans to kill.Lestat's eyes are fierce and pale.He only can cry once or twice in his endless life.Lestat's hair has long,flowing locks.His nails looks like it is glass.His skin heals quickly when it is cut.

 Eli-Eli is a vampire trying to live a normal life.Hakan,her guardian,has to drain victims' blood for Eli to drink.Oskar,Eli's friend from the neighborhood,realizes that she is a vampire,after he cuts his palm in an offer to become "blood brothers."Eli helps Oskar to fright bullies.After a while she starts killing them.She killed three people who were bulling Oskar.Hakan gives victims anesthetic to paralyze,than she hangs them upside down.She then cuts their throat and puts the blood into a jar for Eli.When Hakan couldn't get enough victims Eli starts getting wreak and hungry.Hakan lets Eil drink her blood from the neck.When Eli is done drinking her blood,Hakan falls from a tall building and dies.One of Eil's victims,Virginia,kills herself after she turned into a vampire.Eli's vampiric powers are the ability to climb the outside of the buildings and to flit from window to window.Eli doesn't feel the cold and is very sensitive to the light that she has to put cardboard over her windows.Eli starts out as a girl in the movie but not in the book.Eli changes into a girl when she is turned into a vampire.Eli sometimes smells bad depending on how well she has eaten.Eli cannot walk uninvited into a person's home.If she does she will bleed in patches all over her body.She lives in a apartment in the town of Stockholm in Sweden.

 The Hound of the Baskervilles-The hound is usually near the rocks and caves.No one ever walks across the moor at night.The hound's howls can be heard for miles.It approaches the houses at the edge of the moor.Sir Charles Baskerville,the dog's first victim,was found dead at the end of his garden.The hound leaped over the gate and came in the garden.It's next victim was chased by him across the moors,and he dies trying to escape from the hound.His third victim was on his way home,and the hound jumped out of the frog and killed him.People says that flames bust from it's mouth.His body is the size of a calf and it leaves large footprints.The dog is also know as a "hellhound."The hound is in the moors of Devon in England.The hound is a curse to the Baskerville family who lives near Dartmoor.

 The Infected (from I Am Legend)-They are like vampire-zombie.The Infected was created by a very powerful manmade virus and is almost unstoppable.They feed on wildlife and search for Dr.Neville,who is trying to destroy them.He is immune to the virus but the Infected is smart enough to find him.Dr.Neville has been trying to find a cure for the virus.He only leaves his house durning the day.He covers himself in bleech,when he is returning home to keep the Infected from following him.His house is protected with metal shutters,explosives,and a ring of powerful lights.Dr.Nevile lives in New York.It is said that he might have been the only human survivor.As a result of the virus,the Infected lose all of their hair.The Infected can't talk,but they make nosies like a pack of animals.They have rotten and pointed teeth like fangs.The virus makes a person or dog's gums bleed,their pupils become dilated,and their hair falls out very quickly.

 The Headless Ghost-R.L.Stine has alot of books with monsters in it.He is probably the best horror story writer for kids.His stories later became TV shows.The Headless Ghost is said to be one of the best stories he wrote.Stephanie and Duane likes to cause trouble in The Hill House.They disturb tours and sneaking off.They meet a thirteen-year-old boy named,Seth,who offers to show them some real ghost.Stephanie and Duane go in The Hill House at night.Seth is really the headless ghost and he tries to take their head.He has been searching for his own head and never found it.(I never saw this TV show and never read the book in a long time,so I'm not too sure how this story goes.)